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Subject areas

The Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin is the voice of Protestantism in the federal capital. It is part and parcel of their mission to draw attention to important issues, to take up difficult subjects, to facilitate differentiated discussions, to moderate conflicts and develop perspectives for the future. Here you will find an overview of the subject areas that are typical for the work of the Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin.

Subject area


What can Protestant education do better? At the centre of an enlightened Protestant educational tradition we find the individual with its respective development potential. According to this …
Subject area

Democratic culture

How does the church engage in the development of democracy? We deal with the theoretical fundamentals and practical implications of right-wing extremism, racism, authoritarian thought patterns and …
Subject area


What keeps us healthy and what do we need in view of illness and suffering? How may we make practical use of progress in medicine and bioscience and how may we design a healthcare system in …
Subject area


In what kind of society do we want to live? How may we integrate our Christian faith in the political discourse? The Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin builds bridges between society, science and …
Subject area


What does our Christian belief contribute to solving social problems? The coexistence of many cultures and religions in a plural world and its metropolises deserves our particular attention. When …
Subject area


How does economic activity succeed from a Protestant sense of responsibility? Business ethics develops rules and principles connecting performance orientation and incentives on the one hand, and …
Subject area

Contemporary history

How do we understand our past and how do we interpret it? European history in the 20th century shaped us: the unprecedented man-made disasters, the two world wars but also the ending of two …
Subject area

European Bible Dialogue

What do we answer when questions concerning our religion are addresses to us? Are we prepared to give an answer and enter into a discussion? It is not only at the political level that Europe …

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