Subject area European Bible dialogue

Subject area

European Bible Dialogue


What do we answer when questions concerning our religion are addresses to us? Are we prepared to give an answer and enter into a discussion?

It is not only at the political level that Europe undergoes change. People’s attitude towards their faith is undergoing fundamental change, too. By interpreting biblical texts whose topicality becomes repeatedly clear in a dialogue with others, the living diversity of faith in the Protestant churches of Europe becomes obvious.

The Bible dialogues facilitate encounters and an exchange of experiences across regional church and national boundaries. Reading the Bible and exchanging views on texts has always been good Protestant tradition. Discussing the Bible with a view to current processes in society combines the European Bible dialogue with the Protestant Academy’s concerns.

A multinational leadership team working in an honorary capacity guarantees internationality, closeness to the grassroots level and topicality of the meetings and encounters which are supported by the Union Evangelischer Kirchen (Union of Protestant Churches) within EKD (Evangelical Church in Germany).

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