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Subject area

Democratic culture

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How does the church engage in the development of democracy?

We deal with the theoretical fundamentals and practical implications of right-wing extremism, racism, authoritarian thought patterns and anti-Semitism. The Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin offers space for an analysis of these attitudes both outside and inside the church. Possible actions within the church, the political arena as well as in education are explored and different groups are brought together for dialogue.

Our special focus is on the development of rural areas. In discussions on right-wing extremism and group-related misanthropy these regions, though, are often described as being particularly susceptible, nevertheless, we think there are diverse possibilities to strengthen civil society.

The Academy, as a part of the Protestant Church, considers itself to be a player of civil society. It intends to empower people to actively participate in society and to join in shaping a democratic common weal.

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