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In what kind of society do we want to live? How may we integrate our Christian faith in the political discourse?

The Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin builds bridges between society, science and scholarship as well as politics. Through the events we organise we want to support political decision-makers on their way towards ethical judgment and responsible action thinking ahead with a view to future developments and make our Protestant voices heard in politics. At the same time, we invite the interested public to accompany political processes from a Protestant perspective and to participate in the discourse. For more than a decade, the Academy has been dealing with questions relating to migration and integration. In addition, it offers a forum for discussions on peace ethics and security policies.

The Academy’s particular attention is directed to East-Central Europe. After intensive efforts also supported by the churches  to bring about reconciliation with our Eastern neighbours and the opportunities arising from the most recent enlargement of the European Union, we are now facing the task to shape a common European future together with these countries.

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