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What does our Christian belief contribute to solving social problems?

The coexistence of many cultures and religions in a plural world and its metropolises deserves our particular attention. When meeting and talking to each other we can learn from each other and would like to contribute to a peaceful coexistence. We regard it as our duty to engage in a dialogue with Judaism in the past and in the present.

We reflect on the role of our Protestant church in the context of the other Christian churches. We would like to contribute to a learning church grasping its future in dialogue with other religions and denominations.

Jointly searching for truth and forming a conscience of our own thus respecting other viewpoints is, in our opinion, intrinsically linked.

Christian faith makes us see clearly and empowers everyone to make his own judgment. This freedom is based on the realisation that, in the beginning, God’s grace is promised. This makes us free to deal with standards and apparent certainties of our time. Christian freedom is understood as freedom to exercise responsibility precisely for peace, justice and the integrity of creation.

By integrating Christian convictions in the social discourse, the  Protestant Academy makes a contribution to societal cohesion.


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