Subject area Contemporary history

Subject area

Contemporary history

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How do we understand our past and how do we interpret it?

European history in the 20th century shaped us: the unprecedented man-made disasters, the two world wars but also the ending of two dictatorships. The Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin is a reminder of central events of German and East/West European history and considers their revision as an essential element of education in democracy. It offers discussions with contemporary witnesses and conveys findings from historical scholarship.

The Academy intensively deals with the resistance against injustice and despotism discussing ethical and moral questions of guilt and reconciliation. The culture of remembrance in Germany and the neighbouring countries is and remains a central issue. Based on historical experience, all projects aim at setting up-to-date benchmarks for social interaction and, not least, for appropriate political decisions in Christian responsibility.

History continues – and hence we are called upon to illustrate and examine recent and most recent historical phenomena and to constantly establish their relationship with the present.  

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