No one should be left behind.


No one should be left behind

The Social and Economic Presuppositions for Social-Ecological Transformation

Von: 05.06.2022 20:00
Bis: 11.06.2022 23:00
Agape Centro Ecumenico - Prali, Italien
Social Balance

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Visionaries wanted! How can we in Europe set out for a future in which we live together sustainably and well? How can we make sure that no person, no region and no country is left behind? Young adults from Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic are invited to spend a week developing ideas for a just social-ecological transformation.


What do you think is most important for tomorrow? Social change often starts off small. For some, it begins with a change in individual consumer behavior. But is it enough to eat vegan burgers and buy a sweater at a thrift store? Or do we need a bigger change in economics and politics? Who decides on these issues in Europe - and can the same rules apply to everyone? How can we create a future where all people are considered - regardless of where they live in Europe, what age, gender or history they have? We invite young adults to develop ideas as visionaries on how we can shape a social-ecological change in Europe in a democratic and just way.


June 6th

travel day & arrival, getting to knowing each other, expectations for the Meeting

June 7th

where we come from
local and national, rural and urban
wealth and inequality, relation of wealth to democratic values
our hopes and desires, needs, fears
personal and political relations to the socio-ecological Transformation

At the end of the day, the first step towards a working paper:
Which issues are important to us and why? Articulating Outcomes

June 8th

what matters:
groups discussions on issues, e.g. housing/ food/ health - care/ gender, but the themes should be decided on the base of the discussions of day 1. sharing in the plenary

At the end of the day the first step towards a working paper: Which issues are important to us and why? Articulating Outcomes

June 9th

what do we need to ask:
Debate on socio-ecological transformation in Europe: what is the role of democracy, of tensions between the public and the private (i.e. public goods), of history and culture
At the end of the day, second step towards a working paper: Which questions do we have in each of the issues that matter to us? Articulating outcomes

June 10th

ways forward:
We develop recommendations - ways forward at the personal/local/national/European/global level to a just transition;
working paper on the base of the three day-reports
final evaluation, feed back

June 11th
good byes, outlook and departure



Heinz-Joachim Lohmann

Stellvertretender Direktor und Studienleiter für Demokratische Kultur und Kirche im ländlichen Raum

Telefon (030) 203 55 - 510

Dr. Hannah Schilling 2021

Dr. Hannah Schilling

Studienleiterin für gesellschaftspolitische Jugendbildung

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